Temporary/Permanent Contracts


What are Temporary/Permanent Contracts?

A temporary contract is typically offered to fill a short-term employment need for our client. While temporary contracts have a definitive end date, they are usually set up for 1 to 3 months.

A permanent contract is offered when a company hires for a full-time position. This is an indefinite agreement between you and your employer. A temporary contract could convert to a full-time role. This is a great way for both the employer and the temporary worker to assess if a full-time employment relationship makes sense. In other situations, an employee may be directly hired into a full-time role without a temporary contract.

Why Healthcare Professionals Should Take This Opportunity?

The healthcare career can be challenging, and APN recognizes this. However, as the agency representing your best interests, we are here to help you navigate through them. Regardless of whether it is a temporary or permanent position, each of these has valuable experience to offer.

APN understands that an important aspect of picking a position for healthcare professionals is the benefits that the company offers. We offer health insurance, as long as a full-time status (30+ hours/week) is maintained.



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