Per Diem


What is Per Diem Nursing?

In the nursing industry “per diem” refers to a nurse needed day by day. It is like a nurse being on-call, with shifts ranging from one day to multiple weeks. In this role, nurses are not guaranteed hours. A per diem nurse is ideal for last-minute shift cancellations, immediate demands, or shortages that occur at a facility.

Why Per Diem Nursing?

Per diem nursing is the perfect way to balance your career and personal life. If you’re looking for flexibility in your schedule you can use the per diem arrangement to your advantage!

Along with flexibility, you get the unique opportunity to try a variety of facilities!

For shifts, we offer 8-hour or 12-hour shifts on weekdays and/or weekends.

We understand that receiving benefits is also an important aspect of a job. We offer health insurance to per diem employees. You must maintain our full-time status which is 30+ hours/week to receive this benefit.


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