Recruiter Videos


Why You Should Work with APN

Our healthcare recruiter, Lindsay, goes over the important reasons why nurses and healthcare professionals should work recruiters when job searching!

Recruiter Success Stories

Here are some of our recruiter’s success stories. In these videos, they talk about how they were able to overcome adversity and give some personal background on their work lives.

Melissa's Video

This video is of one of our recruiters, Melissa. Watch this short video to learn more about her story and get some insight into APN Healthcare!

Dhruv's Video

This video is of another one of our recruiters, Dhruv. Dhruv goes more in-depth on the idea of adversity. Check it out for more information!

Teju's Video

This video has Teju’s recruiter story and how she was able to deal with the same issue. Watch this video on Teju to gain more information!


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