Benefits of Travel Nursing

Benefits of Travel Nursing

If you’re looking for a nursing career that offers both security and flexibility, travel nursing may be a great choice for you.

Travel & Explore

One of the main benefits of travel nursing is right in the name – travel. As a travel nurse, you will be able to explore different cities and states throughout the country. You can choose assignments in places you have always wanted to visit or that are near family. Hate the cold?  Spend your winters working in a warmer climate like Florida or Texas.  In addition to exploring new places, you won’t have to worry about housing expenses – most agencies, like us, provide either free housing or a housing stipend that will cover the cost of your living arrangements.


Another benefit of being a traveling nurse is flexibility and the freedom to control your own schedule. An assignment can last anywhere from four to 13 weeks, although some may last as long as 26 weeks. But what you do in between assignments is up to you. You can spend time with family or take a vacation before starting a new assignment. You may also decide you want to work back-to-back assignments, or balance consecutive assignments with longer breaks. You may also have the opportunity to decide which shifts you want to work as well.

Increase Skills

As a travel nurse, your career will blossom as you add valuable skills to your resume.  Your assignments will take you to a variety of healthcare environments from large city hospitals to small rural clinics and expose you to diverse patient populations.  You will be able to learn about new technologies, new procedures and treatments, and receive continuing education.  You may also have an opportunity to learn new specialties. If you have experience in a specialty such as ICU, some hospitals may be willing to train you in a similar specialty, such as PACU, if there is a need.

Personal Growth

Beyond the obvious career proficiencies acquired from your assignments, you will find myriad other ways in which travel nursing can help you grow as an individual. Being a travel nurse will make you more adaptable, confident and well rounded.  In addition to helping you personally, these traits or ‘soft skills’ are very well regarded by future employers.

We Stay Connected

Although you may be traveling solo, you’ll never really be alone as a travel nurse. You will be in contact with an APN Account Manager who will coordinate your assignments, help you with your relocation and advocate on your behalf.  Help or advice is only a phone call away.

Whether you are considering  a stint as a travel nurse or are a seasoned travel professional, we’d love to hear from you!  Give our office a call or request a consultation.  You can also browse current jobs or upload  your resume to join our talent pool.





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