Why Nursing is a Very Trusted Career

Nursing is one of the most fulfilling careers out there. In recent times, the demand for nurses has increased significantly on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have played a key role during the pandemic and helped saved countless lives. 

In this blog titled ‘Why nursing is a very trusted career’, we will talk about some points that make nursing a more reliable healthcare profession down the road.  

Flexible Work Schedule 

Nursing shifts fluctuate based on where you live, the requirement of your workplace, and your needs. If you prefer doing work in the evenings, all you have to do is ask. This way, you can also spend time with your family in a way that suits them and you. Should you prefer, you can also opt for the traditional 9-to-5 at a clinic, hospital, or the office of a private physician.  

Connecting With Your Patients 

As a doctor, you have multiple surgeries and not enough time to connect with your patients once you are done serving them. But as a nurse, you also have multiple patients but more time. Nurses can do more than just treat you, give you your medication, and treat your wounds. They can truly care for their patients in the sense that they can talk to them, address all of their worries and concerns – something doctors do not have time for – and actually leave a positive mark on a person’s life.  

Job Environment Variety 

A degree in BSN grants you access to a number of jobs in a number of environments. You could gain employment in a nursing facility, be a school nurse, a corporate clinic, etc. The job scope has too many variations. If you are more of an adventurer, you could join the Red Cross, be a flight nurse, a cruise ship nurse, a travel nurse – basically apply for a nursing post in a number of different environments.  


From emergency rooms to being psychiatric helpers, as a nurse, you have many options for specialization. However, specialties are tricky, and finding one you like may take time and research. Even if you feel like you went down a road you were not meant for, you can switch easily, something that is not that free of an option when it comes to being a doctor. There, you have to stay loyal to a single specialty and advance into it down the road.  

Salary Competitiveness 

There has been a recorded increase in the salaries of all nurses in the States. In a Gallup poll of 2016, nurses topped the charts with a total of 84 percent of nurses choosing high or very high for salaries. It is like coming across a treasure trove when earning a market-competitive salary in a professional that is both manageable and convenient.  

Wanting to become a nurse? Did these five reasons convince you that nursing is a very trusted profession, indeed? 

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