Trends That Will Transform the Nursing Industry in 2021

The nursing industry has always been integral to the practice of medicine in general. It is not limited to hospitals, but is instead spread throughout all kinds of different corporations. There are nurses in schools, healthcare homes, offices, etc.

Although nurses have always been crucial to almost all kinds of healthcare facilities, COVID-19 has affected their demand. As of 2021, the nursing industry is expecting to boom with this increase in demand. However, with this boom, other trends may affect the nursing industry. It is anticipated that through these trends, the industry will go through a significant transformation.

Following are the trends that will transform the nursing industry in 2021.

Specialized Nurses

With an increase in demands for nurses, the need for specialized nurses is also on the rise. Specialized nurses are those who choose to work in a particular medical sector. For example, if a nurse chooses to work with the oncology department, they will have to get trained in dealing with chemotherapy. They will then work to become specialists in the field. Not only can it make the system more effective, but it also gains the patient’s trust. It is preferred that a nurse specializes in a given area.

Telehealth Growth and Privacy Concerns

The pandemic forced almost all kinds of businesses to shift towards digital mediums. The medical industry was not left behind, and Telehealth became a safe medium of getting medical assistance. Telehealth offers medical service through different mobile mediums such as phones, laptops, etc. This means that you don’t have to go to the clinic. Instead, you can get in touch with the doctor through mobile phones.

This increase in telehealth growth raises privacy and security concerns while sharing information through digital mediums. In 2021, nurses will have to be much more vigilant about HIPAA compliance. Patient consent must be ensured through all digital mediums. We will see an increase in the need for privacy when dealing with digital mediums.

Demand for Bachelors of Science in Nursing

As the demand for nursing staff increases, the need for BSN will also increase. This will, in turn, make the schools more competitive for the newcomers. While there are accelerated programs available, a regular BSN is preferred by the organizations. Nurses who have completed their certifications are more likely to land a job. The pandemic situation is being dealt with, and hopefully, things will be in control soon. This means that increased demand will not negatively affect the preference of BSN, instead increase it.

Further Education

The demand for BSN will increase, but different avenues will open up for pursuing master’s and post master’s programs in the field of nursing. This will also open up more opportunities as a faculty in the said field. Moreover, nurses can practice while studying, making it feasible for them to pursue beyond the BSN.

Increase in Salaries

Nurses, on average, earned more than the annual average salary across different occupations. Increasing demand, specializations, and certifications mean that the wages will also follow an increasing trend this year.

Full Practice Authority

Currently, some states offer nurse practitioners full practice authority. However, with an increase in demand and a decrease in primary care physicians, there is a good chance that more states will provide nurse practitioners with full practice authority. This means that they will have the power to practice without any collaboration or supervisor.

Self-Care for Nurses

A nursing career requires the professional to provide care to others. However, self-care should not be neglected to fulfill the duties. With the ongoing pandemic, recognizing the need for self-care is becoming more and more crucial. The trend of providing nurses with the space for self-care and dealing with their issues will hopefully see a positive increase.

These trends will transform the nursing industry in the year 2021. These trends are on the rise, and many of them are unprecedented, such as recognizing self-care and demands for specialization. We will also see nursing become an attractive career choice over the year following these trends

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