Tips on How Travel Nurses Can Make Their Resume Stand Out

An interesting thing about opportunities is that they do not happen, you create them. No pressure or anything but the truth is that an average employer is likely to spend about 5-7 seconds looking at a resume. There might be a lot of resume tips and tricks to make an impression in a few seconds, but a traveling nurse resume needs much more than that.

We know that professional details above and beyond the application can help recruiters pick you for a position. When it comes to a traveling nurse job, opportunities might be abundant but so is the competition. The best place to start with is a travel nurse resume sample. It will give you an idea of the areas that need updating and will help make your resume stand out.

That said, here are some important resume tips we’ve compiled for you to put together a stellar travel nurse resume.

Begin With a Clear and Winning Objective

You might notice in most travel nurse resume samples that a great emphasis is laid on the objective statement. You should always state very clearly and concisely why you are best for the position. Along with your qualifications, highlight your capabilities, experience, and shift consideration.

Consider this section of your resume as a way to introduce yourself as a traveling nurse. The objective must contain the most important parts of your resume. Before putting together an objective statement, imagine that the recruiter will not read the rest of your resume. After you have put down a statement, read and evaluate if this statement is enough for the recruiter to be interested.

Highlight Your Qualifications and Experience

Being in the profession, you know how hard a traveling nurse works to achieve licenses and certifications. So, highlighting all your licenses and certifications will improve your stock of being an ideal candidate. Apart from that, if you have received special honors and awards, include those too in your resume.

Another important aspect is the experience you’ve acquired by working in other positions. So, include logistics about places you have worked and mention how many beds were in the unit or facility. This will give the recruiter a clear idea of if you are a good fit in their work environment.

Include Additional Skills

The healthcare industry uses a lot of systems and machinery. Some are more complex than others. Therefore, a key aspect of a travel nurse’s resume is the working knowledge of different tools and machinery. If you have some experience using the computer system in the facility that you are applying to, it will make your resume stand out.

Similarly, knowing multiple languages can also be an additional skill for a traveling nurse. You’d be surprised to know that being bilingual is known to be the second most commonly required skill listed on nursing job advertisements.

Final Word

The healthcare industry receives stacks of resumes from recruiters on a daily basis. A good way to stand out among this competition is to draft an impressive objective and highlight your qualifications, awards, and professional experience.

Lastly, do not forget that a travel nurse’s resume is a constant work in progress. So update and keep your experiences and qualifications fresh. With an impressive and persuasive resume, you can easily find yourself in shoes you always imagined yourself to be in!

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