The Best Online Educational Resources for New Nurses

New nurses need every bit of help they can get if they want to excel in the medical profession. Obviously, if the help they need is free, it can be even better for them! We have compiled a list of online educational resources for new nurses that can help them progress in the nursing profession.  

Learning Nurse 

Learning Nurse offers a simple way for nurses to find more details about anything related to the medical field and study. It is a free online resource that comes with tests, modules, videos, apps, and a lot more. The combination of all of these tools helps nurses to gain a lot of knowledge. The online nursing library is also a great resource where new nurses can go to for all kinds of medical know-how. 

If you want regular updates on different career opportunities and the latest news in the medical community, you should check out The healthcare industry is quite competitive and definitely ever-changing. This is why it is essential to stay up-to-date on whatever is going on. There are two main sections to the jobs and student section where you can receive updates on what is new.  

Nursing and Allied Health Resources 

Student nurses or new nurses who want one platform where they can get all the information they need for free should go to/ the Nurses and Allied Health Resources. It was created in partnership with the Medical Library Association. There are plenty of PowerPoint presentations, surveys, literature, databases, and a lot more helpful resources.  

Nurse Zone Student Nurse 

Nursing websites that have different sectioned tabs devoted to ensuring that nurses can get all the information they need to excel can be a godsend for new nurses. The Nurse Zone is one of the best online educational resources for new nurses since it has plenty of practical information such as financial aid, schools, networking, study tips, and even a resume creator if you want to apply to medical facilities in your area.  

All Nurses New Nurses

The best thing you can do as a new nurse is to surround yourself with peers who are going through the same experiences as you. The perfect place to network and get in touch with other new nurses is the All Nurses platform. You can connect with other nursing students to talk about all kinds of general and specific topics. The registration for the platform is completely free, and there are endless topics that you can be a part of.  We hope that these online educational resources for new nurses are helpful to you! All of these resources are designed to give you all the information you need to keep up in the healthcare industry.  

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