How Nurses Work from Home | Remote Jobs for Nurses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is completely normal in all kinds of industries. However, we consider nurses as essential workers who need to be present around patients, which is why we often don’t think nurses can have remote jobs. If you want to find out how nurses work from home and utilize their degrees from remote spaces, there are plenty of ways!  

  1. Case Management 

Case management positions often require nurses to handle short and long-term claims on behalf of patients. Nurses will be required to collaborate closely with insurance companies, employers, and physicians. They can ensure compliance among the parties involved and facilitate communication as well. The main aim of case management is to coordinate the funding and treatment so that injured employees can get back to work. The work is mostly done through email and over the phone.  

  1. Telephone Triage Nurses 

A lot of doctors and medical facilities often run the triage through the telephone. Qualified nurses can assess symptoms, speak to patients, and recommend a good treatment plan before the patient shows up at the healthcare facility. This can help address any questions, prevent unnecessary visits, and ensure that healthcare staff can focus on the patients coming into the clinic. Tele-nurses are a crucial part of the healthcare system since they can assist in minor problems, which ensures all resources of the healthcare facility are used efficiently. Some companies, like CVC Pharmacies, also hire nurses to help customers through the phone. 

  1. Health Informatics 

Health Informatics is a relatively new kind of healthcare, which combines healthcare, communication, and technology. Health informatics is the perfect remote job for nurses if you like developing and applying innovative solutions to improve the healthcare system. There is a lot of room to grow and explore since the field is still evolving. You will be essentially a consultant for new technology, databases, and computer programs.  

  1. Call Center Nursing  

Call center nurses and telephone triage are pretty similar, but the former doesn’t require as much experience as the latter. A call center nurse will mainly handle direct calls, but they won’t be in charge of the direct care for the patient. It is similar to an administrative role and has fewer responsibilities; this also means the pay is less, though!  

  1. Freelance Writer 

Medical writing and academic work require extensive knowledge and experience in medical procedures and terminology. There are many nurses who turn to freelance since they have the technical knowledge to write it well. The medical field needs properly-researched material that is distributed amongst medical professionals and the general public. 

You don’t have to work in a hospital or clinic setting if you are a nurse. The industry is diverse enough to accommodate nurses who want to work from home. We hope now you have some idea about how nurses work from home.  

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