Challenges Nurses Face with Getting the COVID Vaccine

Registered nurses and medical practitioners are gearing themselves for what is about to be the most complicated situation facing medics in quite some time. The roll-out and news of vaccinations for COVID-19 is a major talking point today, with nurses sitting right at the epicenter of the process.

Due to the complicated supply chain of the vaccine, the storage hassles, and the hesitation shown by people while administering vaccines, organizations and nurses are expecting a number of challenges in the process.

While countries across the globe have set aggressive goals for vaccine production, supply, and application during this year, the process will not be void of challenges and complications. In this article, we look at some of the challenges that nurses will face while administering COVID-19 vaccines. These challenges also stand true for supply chain operators and other stakeholders involved in the process.


As per experts in the UK, the vaccine’s success would heavily dependent on the capacity of the supply chain. Kevin Sample, who is a senior consultant at the healthcare technology firm GHX, mentioned that the capacity of supply chain logistics would dictate the efficiency of the vaccine.

The model needed to meet the government vaccination targets will need to follow something similar to that used in automotive whereby goods are delivered to the point of use at the time that their use is required. It would not need to match the accuracy required in the automotive industry, which is measured in minutes, but the model will need to minimize any need for local storage of the vaccine,” he said.

Of course, the inherent issue for nurses and stakeholders would be the domino effect down the line. Any failure in production, capacity, logistics, or application would go down the line and result in a number of other problems.

Vaccine Hesitancy

While scientists and medical experts have researched and spoken that vaccines are the best way to reach immunity against COVID-19, many people aren’t yet convinced. Vaccine skepticism thrives on social media, as there are multiple actors downplaying the role that vaccines can or will have.

Even senior citizens and those under perceived threat from COVID have shown hesitancy toward the vaccine. In short, there is a lot of negative criticism and propaganda, which nurses administering the vaccine, will have to defy for success in this regard.

Security Across All Touchpoints

Security needs to be amped up across all touchpoints. While there are distribution complications, security remains a major concern as well for medical experts. Theft or tampering of vaccines should be minimized through proper monitoring and security. No stone should be left unturned in this process.

With a number of complications and challenges in the process, administering COVID vaccines will not be a walk in the park. However, with effective policy setting and compliance from nurses, countries can speed up the process.

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