5 Common Mistakes New Nurses Can Make

Nurses are everyday superheroes, but they can also make mistakes, especially if they’re new. Nursing is quite a demanding profession where you need to juggle around important tasks all the time. Balancing accuracy and speed is a delicate process that often comes from experience, and when you are exhausted from the long hours and busy schedules, it can start to take a toll. This is why it is important to learn about some common mistakes new nurses can make and how these mistakes can be avoided.

1.   Medication Problems

Accidentally giving out the incorrect medication or the wrong dosage is a common mistake that new nurses make. Medication issues can harm patients since the intake can directly affect their health. Minimizing this kind of error is vital when you are working in the healthcare system.

One way to avoid this common mistake is to stay focused when administering medication. Checking prescriptions and charts carefully will help you decipher information accurately and will ensure that you get the right dosage.

2.   Charting Errors

Blunders with documentation and charts can lead to a lot of issues for patients down the line, even after they have left the hospital. It doesn’t just result in one mistake by the nurse, but rather, even doctors who are using those charts may make mistakes because they used the wrong information.

Meticulously checking the medical information on patients’ charts will go a long way to reducing mistakes. Make sure to write the information in a legible and concise way and be thorough about patient history.

3.   Not Working with the Team

One of the common mistakes new nurses can make is being overly self-reliant. While being independent is important, not asking for guidance or help can be a huge mistake. Since you are new, you may not be qualified or experienced enough to do things on your own. It also isn’t sustainable in the long run since it can be exhausting to take on everything on your own. Be willing to ask senior healthcare professionals as well as delegate some tasks to the others in your team.

4.   Improper Risk Management

Following the risk management policies of the hospital can be difficult in the beginning since you aren’t used to the policies and are just figuring things out. New nurses may try skipping over this long learning process because they just want to dive into nursing. However, this isn’t the right thing to do. You will have to take out some time to learn and memorize the procedures for risk management.

Being new at any profession means you may make mistakes and trip up sometimes, but as long as you keep learning, it will be alright. If you’re new to nursing, use your time to work on the above common mistakes new nurses can make to ensure that your first few years in the profession are mistake-free.

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