Meet our Healthcare Team!


Management Team

Vedant Pathak

Founder & CEO

Vedant has over 19 years of experience as a visionary and a leader in the staffing industry. He founded APN Consulting and has taken the company from a startup organization to a forerunner in the staffing industry, both nationally and internationally.

Under his supervision and leadership, APN has emerged as a preferred vendor for many of the largest and most respected companies in the world. He has excelled at client relationship management, business development, and recruitment across a variety of industries. Vedant is relentless in his pursuit of perfection and continually motivates his employees to be top performers.


Vinny Nayak

Director of  Healthcare Operations

Vinny has 30 years of experience developing trusted partner relationships with clients in multiple industries. He has guided large organizations in maintaining a sharp focus on key business drivers. His efforts in co-creating solutions have helped organizations attain a market leadership position.

In his current role, Vinny leads strategy and execution for APN Healthcare Solution’s topline and bottom-line growth.  As Director of Operations, he is tasked with streamlining operations, improving team efficiencies, building cutting edge tools, technologies and processes, and charting the company’s aggressive growth track.


Mack Ball

Healthcare Team Manager

Mack handles current and new business development, client services management, and is our team motivator! It is noteworthy to mention that Mack is a seasoned professional in the employment industry, possessing a wealth of experience in managing staffing, recruitment, placement, sales, and human resources. His extensive exposure to various industries is indicative of his versatility and adaptability, allowing him to excel in any given work environment.

Furthermore, Mack’s veteran status in the healthcare staffing industry is commendable, as it reflects his profound dedication to facilitating successful matches between clients and healthcare workers. His compassionate approach to his work is complemented by his strong work ethic and professionalism, which are a testament to his commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients.


Gajender Pratap

Operations Manager

Gajender manages the operations for the healthcare team. He coordinates with our current & prospective healthcare professionals and clients to make sure everything is running smoothly and soundly.

Gajender has been around since the start of APN Healthcare Solutions! He loves the opportunities for growth that APN imparts as well as learning and evolving with the challenges of the industry. Moreover, Gajender’s active involvement in the sales sector is a testament to his exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, which enable him to attract and retain clients effectively. His ability to cultivate and maintain professional relationships is indicative of his proficiency in sales and marketing, which adds value to the organization’s operations.


Recruiting Team

Lindsay Eresman


Recruiting Team Lead & Account Manager 

Lindsay Eresman is a professional healthcare recruiter at APN Healthcare Solutions. She has over 8 years of experience in recruiting, 3 of which are healthcare centered. Lindsay uses her human resource background to help nurture our candidate and client relations.


Akhilesh Prajapat

Senior Healthcare Recruiter

Akhilesh is a highly experienced Senior Healthcare Recruiter at APN Healthcare Solutions, with over four years of expertise in healthcare recruitment. He has a demonstrated proficiency in recruiting a wide range of healthcare professionals, including but not limited to Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), Radiology Technicians, Medical Technicians, Surgical Technicians, and others.

Akhilesh’s time at APN has been marked by his exceptional work ethic and his commitment to building a team that works together towards a common goal. He values the familial atmosphere at APN and notes that the collaborative spirit ensures that no one ever feels isolated. He is proud to be part of a team that is growing together and working towards the same objectives. Outside of his professional career, Akhilesh nurtures a passion for travel and driving.


Kriti Arora

Senior Healthcare Recruiter

As a Healthcare recruiter, Kriti has thorough knowledge of sourcing, screening, coordinating the interview process and placing highly qualified healthcare professionals, including nurses and allied health professionals. She has helped to place many nurses, medical assistants, certified surgical techs, X-Ray techs, patient service reps, monitor techs, and more. Kriti was awarded with the titles of APN’s Top Recruiter of 2021 and Rookie of the Year in 2022.  

In addition to her career pursuits, she has a passion for sketching, writing, and sports such as Badminton and Kho-Kho. She was an accomplished athlete in high school, particularly in Kho-Kho, where she was recognized for her speed and agility. Having recently joined the gym as well, she is excited to start her new fitness journey! 


Leeora Scroggins

Healthcare Recruiter

Introducing Leeora: She’s one of our innovative and highly motivated recruiters with a solid reputation for building individual relationships with her candidates. Leeora is organized and strategic in her approach to identifying hard-to-find talent and engaging highly sought-after professionals.

In her free time, she enjoys staying active with her family and the gym. Highly energetic and always on the go, this two-time Spartan trifecta holder just exemplifies her commitment and dedication, while highlighting her ability to see the hard things all the way through.


Roma Bordawekar

Healthcare Recruiter

Roma is one of our newest and upcoming recruiters, full of smiles and determination. She wields her joyful nature, organization, and perseverance to find the right positions for and strongly back all her candidates. While she has experienced working with a variety of different nursing and allied health positions, she specializes in placing social workers, LPNs, sterile processing techs, and surgical techs.

Out of the office, Roma loves taking solo trips whether they be to the local grocery store or to a different country. Over the past years, she’s collected and cultivated a plethora of hobbies such as singing, dancing, ukulele playing, painting, cooking, and interior decorating. On her R&R days, you can find her playing with her dog or with her nose buried in a book.



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