5 Tips for Surviving the Night Shift

When you sign up for supplemental staffing, you’ll probably notice that many better-paying positions come with one important catch –the dreaded night shift. And while night shift is the preferred by some nurses, for most, it presents a set of challenges. What’s more, a little-understood disorder called shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) can lead to

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Five Ways to Land and Keep a Great Nursing Contract

The nursing shortage resurfaced in the news early this summer. Across the country, more hospitals and facilities are searching for ways to meet increased demand for healthcare services. Paired with reduced chances of repealing the Affordable Care Act, healthcare needs are only expected to climb. However, per diem, contract and travel nursing assignments are filling

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It’s Time to Renew Your Compact License: What Do You Need to Do?

Renewing a compact nursing license remains one of the challenges many per-diem nurses face. Although the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) was created to simplify the process for nurses working in multiple states, it can lead to confusion. If your nursing license is in one state, how do you know what you need to do to

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